Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Delightful Disneyland

Recently, my family and I went to Disneyland, and loved it! I thought the castle looked really Magical,and as you can see it was decorated to represent the 60th anniversary celebration! I especially liked at night how the fireworks blew up over the castle, but it was very loud.

We went on new exciting rides and my favorite ride was Splash Mountain. I really admired the flashing lights in the parade as they marched down Main Street. I really loved the parade float of the different characters on flashing rainbow stands. In this picture, you might see Goofy, Donald, and Minnie. 

Photo by Parents

Another float was Ariel's float. It had Ariel, her dad, Flounder, a clam shell, and some beautiful sea plants. I like how they added the dad wearing the crown and how Ariel had a tail that was filled with lights. 

                             Photo by Parents

This float was about the famous movie, Frozen. The creators included Elsa, her ice palace, and in the back, Olaf. My family and I could tell that they worked very hard on it because they made a giant castle that looked like ice!

I loved this trip and it was definitely my favorite part of the year!

What parades do you like to watch?

Who's you favorite Disney character?



  1. Wow. That looked like an amazing parade. I am sure that when I show your blog to my class of students they will be very envious, as Disneyland is a long way away from us here in New Zealand.

    However even though we are nearly on the other side of world we would recognise all of the characters that you took pictures of.

    Great idea to write about something as special as this. In New Zealand we have a Christmas Parade every year in the towns (we live in the country so there's not really any around where our school is) which is the major one...

    Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki, New Zealand

  2. Hello:Gymnastics
    I like to watch float parades. I do not have a favorite Disney character. I really liked your blog.
    From DJ.

  3. Dear, Bloger
    Hi. I love how you give so much detail! You seem like a nice person. I don't really mind what parades I watch. My favorite Disney character is Donald Duck.

  4. Dear other Blogger,
    I think you did outstanding! You did great where you put pictures on every paragraph. You also did good on all the details.Thanks for sharing!
    From some one else :)

  5. Dear Gymnastics,

    I really liked your creative post. It had so much thought into it. I have been to Disney World and it is a blast. The floats are really cool. I just have one question why does the picture with Ariel say "photo of my parents"?. Other than that you probably have one of the best posts I ever seen.GOOD JOB!!

    other blogger

  6. WOW.You are a really good writer.I loved how you added extra details.You also had great pictures.Your as good as a fifth grader.Have a good day.
    sincerely, Natalie

  7. Dear gymnastics,
    Me and my family wish that we were there. I love the words that you put in your post they are creative words. I want to know about other places you get to go.

    Sincerly Elizabeth.O

  8. Dear magical girl your blog is awesome and it's magical.
    from Elijah

  9. Greetings Mia. My favorite character is Goofy because he is funny.
    From: john